Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 4 of 40 Days for Life!

24 Babies saved so far! Woo-hoo! I don't know if you ladies have signed up at the 40 Days for Life website yet, but if you haven't, your missing some good daily devotions! Today's was on Is anything happening? Boy, do I feel like that sometimes....praying and praying and not seeing any manifestations, right? It can be frustrating...and I won't tell you what all was said about it, you will just have to go the website and join up to get the devotion! There are good things happening all over the country during this time of praying and people are going out in terrible, nasty weather! They are determined to persevere and pray through! Praise the Lord! Also, Silent No More Awareness is joining up with 40 Days on March 10 to offer support. Check out their website, the link is on my sidebar. They carry signs that read "I regret my abortion" . The reason for choosing March 10 is......and please don't throw up... it is Thank your abortionist kidding. Check out the article on the Silent No More site. Also, there are two sweet sisters in Raleigh who have joined the 40 Days for Life Campaign and Jessica has started a blog on her experiences, please visit her at 40 Days for Life Forever. The link is on my sidebar and I have yet to figure out how to put it in this article, and am too tired to try right now!! One last thing. Today I gave my first testimony on my abortions to our Women's ministry at church. There was a wonderful response and I am praying the Lord will use it to build His kingdom, and set women free. I am seeing more and more how the lies of satan in this world have been winning because of truth not being spoken out. I just believe ladies that if everyone would stand up and speak out on the truth of abortion there would be a shift of the way people think in the United States. We need to get information and resources out to women! It's time to stand up!!!


Jennifer said...

Amen, Pam! Keep sharing your testimony and protecting those precious babies. You are doing an amazing job!

Keep up the good work for the Lord.


Deanna said...

you are such a blessing...can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Beth in NC said...

Praise God about the new lives saved!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

And Pam, I am so proud of you for sharing your story!


Pam said...

Thanks Ladies....Praise God, Praise God....He is Good..gosh He is good...

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Pam!

Nice post! God is Good!!

If you get the opportunity, please say a prayer for the prayer requests on our main page. We would be honored if you became a follower also.

God bless you,

Mark Seay

Tammy said...

Praise God!!! Don't stop telling your story(God's story).Every time you share your testimony it destroys the enemy's plans!

I'm going over to sign up for my devotion,thanks for the information.

Secrets bond us!

love and hugs~Tammy

Pam said...

Thanks Tammy...Yes, I am learning that silence and hiding things only destroys you say Tammy, it is God's is all God..

Pam said...

Hey Mark! I am a follower of your blog and have your link on my site! Thank you for all you are doing, there are so many needs out there! I tried to post a comment on your site but couldn't...God Bless You Mark!

Deanna said...

Hey Pam! Thanks for stopping by to visit me and the encouraging comment!!

YEA ! 24 new and precious lives- Glory be to God!!! Yea, Yea, Yea!

and I was soooooooooo excited to read that you gave your testimony! I wonder, were your knees a knockin' with the gitters before you got up to speak for this first time in the ladies ministry? (Mine where when I gave my 'first' testimony! boy, did I have some deep breaths to take, and I'm sure my voice was as shaky as could be when I stood before a group to tell of my past. It was a group of teenagers and some even had their parents with them and I was going to tell them about me becoming a teenage mom @ 16. This was for a TRUE LOVE WAITS Event. All I could hope for was to express the importance of purity and God's wonderful love for us as He desires us to choose the path of purity. Purity is more than just being "safe" so you don't get pregnant or a STD ~ it's really about 'wating' for the blessed gift of the marriage bed. It is about being free of the guilt and shame that later cathes up with a gal(or guy) once finally married and not having to bring 'emotional baggage and scars' to the marriage bed even if pregnancy or a STD didn't happen. It's really about God caring enough to protect our hearts of having previous emotional scars before we enter into the holy gift of 'oneness' with our future beloved spouse.)

~~~I really felt so shameful. I was wondering, 'Why in the world would they ask me to speak when I failed in this area. I was thinking about how dirty and embarrassed I would feel letting the secret out.'-I knew most of the parents that came, and almost every teen present and now they were going to hear this dirty little truth of mine (most of the teens couldn't do the math between mine and my son's age, he was only 8 around that time, lol, and now my 'cover' was really going to be blown) I know the enemy worked hard to break me, but Nothing is stonger than the Lord's grace that is suffient and His Power is made Strong in our weakness! And little did I know the truth of it all was that... the more I shared the more I was healed of guilt and shame and really, really began to believe that the Lord truly does love me like as if I was a "good girl" after all, and that He really would love my son, and still call him HIS child even tho I was a "bad girl" because he was born out of wed-lock.)

Praise the Lord..... everytime you speak that testimony of yours you will heal even more, and forgiveness of self will sink even deeper and deeper. And, whether or not you were nervous like me, you can bet that at least one more life -if not more- will be saved AND, and... your life of 'healing and mending and restoration in Jesus' will spread put and pour over women who are so desperate for healing. They will know that they are so dearly loved by you and that you care, and more important that Jesus loves them even more! How great is that !!!! Whoo hoo, I just want to praise Him!!

So, happy that He's given you a voice to spread His Name, so many need Him!!!

Many blessings to you!!! Deanna
~He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world~

ps- sorry I got on a rambling!

Pam said...

Thanks Deanna, and it was good rambling... You are so right and you have much wisdom. How wonderful for you to be giving your testimony!! It is true that the more truth we speak out in all areas, the more the lies will be exposed! You keep going too....and yes, realizing God loves us is so precious...and He does...