Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr. George Tiller, late term abortionist, and 4000 babies killed today.

Sadly, late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller was killed this morning in church. While as Pro Life believers, we did not agree with Dr. Tiller killing thousands of innocent babies during his lifetime, we also do not agree with his killing. ALL life is precious to God.

This is what President Obama had to say:
“I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.”

My question is to President Obama? What do you call abortion? Do you not believe it is a heinous act of violence when you suck, rip, tear, and cut a living baby out of a mother's womb?
Do you President Obama feel that Dr. Tiller's life was of more value than the 4000 other babies that died from abortion today?

I fear that Dr. Tiller will be made a martyr, and he is not. In fact, it would be interesting to hear what Jesus has to say to him about his "profession". I would not like to be him meeting God.
Just in case anyone does feel like he was doing something honorable, here are a few of his latest charges from 2003:

The 11 specific cases KSBHA cites are awful:

  • 14-year-old girl who was 26 weeks pregnant, July 2003
  • 10-year-old girl who was 28 weeks pregnant, July 2003
  • 15-year-old girl who was 26 weeks pregnant, August 2003
  • 15-year-old girl who was 28 weeks pregnant, August 2003
  • 15-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, August 2003
  • 14-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, August 2003
  • 15-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, September 2003
  • 13-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, November 2003
  • 15-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, November 2003
  • 18-year-old girl who was 25 weeks pregnant, November 2003
  • 16-year-old girl who was 29 weeks pregnant, November 2003
  • KSBHA is charging Tiller "has committed acts likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public."

    for the full article click here.

    We have to CONTINUE to SPEAK OUT. George Tiller's death does not nullify all the innocent babies killed everyday. The administration may use it against us, but abortion is still murder. Murder is murder is murder is murder is murder. Pam

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Children of Hope

    Last night, our church had the Children of Hope perform. They are from different parts of the world, and most have lost their parents due to tragic diseases such as AIDS, or accidents. The children live in homes in their villages, sponsored by Christians, and given food, medical attention, education, and a loving environment where they learn about Jesus. It was very sad to see the video clips of sub Saharan Africa, and the devastation AIDS has brought to the country. There are many children left as orphans, with no adult support whatsoever. The Children of Hope come together and travel the United States performing to bring awareness to these tragic situations. It really does make you cry. However, then there is the hope of Jesus Christ, who is working in many of these childrens lives to give back what was taken from them. The children who perform are not up for adoption, what they are taught is to get an education so they can help the people in their own country. Many aspire to be teachers, doctors, nurses, and etc. They are also being educated on how to avoid AIDS by abstinence until marriage, and faithfulness in marriage. As you know, the Lord's WORD is good, and is life. It was perfect timing for our church, because we have just recently started a Pro Life Ministry, and are expecting the Lord to do great and mighty things through us! I would encourage all of you to click here to check out their website and see how a Youth Group raised money to fund a village. However, pay special attention to the Youth, and see how the Lord transformed them to KNOW that YES! God is ABLE!!! Praise be to our Lord, who is sooooo GOOD! Pam

    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    Jerrica and Kaleb

    As I sit here writing this, it has been only a little over four months since the Lord opened the door to my abortions. It seems like it has been at least a year, so much has happened in such a brief period of time. The Lord has been gracious to me, taking the most humiliating and shameful part of my life - my motherhood, and has begun to turn it into something beautiful. Jerrica and Kaleb are the people He is using. Jerrica is the woman that was going to abort at four months pregnant, when the Lord had me intervene in her life. Kaleb is her son she now carries, and will be born into this world sometime around September 10th. My eyes are beginning to overflow with tears as I recall the day she went to have her ultrasound done at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. She was beaten down, and in despair. There was not one person in her life offering hope, nor telling her to keep the child and give him life. Odds were stacked up high against her, but the Lord had other plans. As we talked, and she saw that her child was quite fine in the ultrasound, moving and hiccuping, the Lord began to work in her heart. He began to speak that she would be alright, He would help her, this child was important to Him. By the time we left Jerrica's countenance had changed from death/despair to life/hope. Believe it or not, that was two months ago today that I first met Jerrica and prayed with her. My friends, today things are so different for Jerrica. She is very confident that the Lord is going to help her in working things out, for she has prayed and asked Him into her heart and understands she is a sinner in need of a savior. She has asked Him to take away her desire for drugs and He has done just that! She has been clean for three months now. She is confidently completing her drug rehab classes, parenting classes, and doing everything that Social Services requires, to move forward in her life. She understands she is responsible for the decisions she made, and is paying the consequences of those decisions, not complaining, because she knows the Lord will honor her obedience. I have been involved with Jerrica, along with her family, these past two months, and because of her change, and the hope she has in the Lord, her family around her is changing. It only takes one person in a family to display the glory of God, to ignite a burning desire in others. Jerrica is doing wonderful, my friends. Now, let me tell you about another person who has changed. That would be the one writing this story. The Lord has done a marvelous work in my heart through Jerrica, the abortion clinic, the post abortive bible studies, the praying, and the wonderful friends in my life, who have been my encouragement in the tough times the past few months. He has definitely changed and prepared my heart for His plans and His purposes, which is something I would have never dreamed of in a million years. His name is Kaleb. He was named from the bible by his mother and myself, for when he is six weeks old he will come to live with his Mi Mi, which will be me, Pam. I will keep him for as long as Jerrica needs to get on her feet, and to bring her other three children back together as a family. Her family is very happy about this, and we are in agreement that if anything happens, I will adopt him as my own. He is very special to me. For just two months ago I could not have taken him, for my heart did not have the ability to, it couldn't bond with babies because of the three babies it killed many, many years ago. I could never bond with the three children I gave birth to. Fortunately, they understand, and have been most gracious and forgiving to me. They too, are excited about Kaleb, and what he means to us all. God has been so good to me. He didn't have to restore my heart, or give me a baby to love and bond with, along with his beautiful mother, whom I cherish deeply. He didn't have to send His only son to die a terrible death on a cross, so that I would be forgiven for all the sins committed against Him. He didn't have to love me as deeply as He does, so that I would have the ability to love others that deeply, and to experience great joy in that love. But He did. He is taking the most shameful, humiliating, part of my life, and turning it into something beautiful. A ministry for others. Love, to be poured out to others. Who could ever have imagined this? Only God my friends, only God. Pam

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Who is Signing the Fight FOCA Petition?

    The key to this map is that the darker the state, the more people from that state’s population have signed the Fight FOCA petition. Way to go Utah! Maryland, you’ve got some work to do.

    Encourage your friends and neighbors to sign the Fight FOCA petition. You can use the wording below to send an email to them.

    Dear Friend,

    I’m writing to let you know about a terrible piece of legislation called "The Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA).

    FOCA would establish the right to abortion as a fundamental right (like the right to free speech) and wipe away every restriction on abortion nationwide.

    It will eradicate state and federal abortion laws that the majority of Americans support and prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future.

    Please read the expert analysis by Americans United for Life (AUL) and sign the Fight FOCA petition at:

    Thank you!

    taken from AUL - click here

    If you haven't signed the FOCA Petition, please do so! You can also get information sent to you about what is going on with this movement. I have a new website called Stand to Know that has all the information on the Freedom of Choice Act, and especially how they are going in stealth mode, to try and sneak it in by bits and pieces. I try to keep the website updated with recent information only on the FOCA, and of course information on the Supreme Court Justices being considered. Click HERE for the website. Pam

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    May 21, 2009
    New poll on Supreme Court: Americans think conservative

    taken from Jill Stanek

    Today Americans United for Life released fascinating poll data by Kellyanne Conway's group, the polling inc./WomanTrend. AUL detailed the findings in a letter to senators:

    justice is blind.jpg

    By overwhelming majorities, Democrats, Republicans and Independents agreed that judges should exercise restraint and check their own beliefs and predispositions at the courthouse door.

    They agreed on upholding common sense abortion regulations already in place in the states, including parental consent laws, and objecting to late-term abortions and taxpayer-funded abortions in the US and overseas.

    Further, this consensus was held even among Americans who self-described themselves as "pro-choice."...

    Finally, when asked whether the next Justice should be a man or a woman, the tri-partisan consensus also volunteered that it does not matter (79% of Republicans, 78% of Independents, 61% of Democrats, 78% of conservatives, 67% of moderates, and 62% of liberals -- as well as 66% of women.)

    All the poll findings are well worth reading. I was invited on a conference call to journalists this morning, wherein Conway indicated one of 7-8 questions asked of every recent SC nominee has been on abortion, so this issue is important.

    Conway said those polled rejected Obama's "empathy standard" or that the court was the place for representation. "Americans say in this survey they know justice is blind," said Conway. "The constitutional place for representation is in the legislative branch.

    "We found one thing that frustrates people is jurists who put their own pictures into opinions," continued Conway. "People have limited tolerance for personal opinion in justices. They believe they are there for their credentials."

    The majority of those polled opposed partial birth abortion, supported parental notification of minors before abortion, opposed using tax dollars to fund abortion in both the US and internationally, and believed the people, not the courts, should make abortion policies, particularly on the state level.

    Obama stands in stark contrast to all these beliefs and is anticipated to nominate a SC candidate who thinks like him, not the majority of Americans.

    Prepare for pro-lifers to make a big deal about that.

    It appears people are starting to think about what is going on and speak out. Praise God! It would have been wonderful if I had known all this years ago! Pam
    Walter E. Williams
    Empathy Versus Law

    President Obama's articulated criteria for his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court is: "We need somebody who's got the heart to recognize -- the empathy to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it's like to be poor or African-American or gay or disabled or old. And that's the criteria by which I'm going to be selecting my judges."

    What is the role of a U.S. Supreme Court justice? A reasonable start for an answer is the recognition that our Constitution represents the rules of the game. A Supreme Court justice has one job and one job only namely; he is a referee. There is nothing complicated about this. A referee's job, whether he is a football referee or a Supreme Court justice, is to know the rules of the game and make sure that they are evenly applied without bias. Do we want referees to allow empathy to influence their decisions? Let's look at it using this year's Super Bowl as an example.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowl titles, seven AFC championships and hosted 10 conference games. No other AFC or NFC team can match this record. By contrast, the Arizona Cardinals' last championship victory was in 1947 when they were based in Chicago. In anyone's book, this is a gross disparity. Should the referees have the empathy to understand what it's like to be a perennial loser and what would you think of a referee whose decisions were guided by his empathy? Suppose a referee, in the name of compensatory justice, stringently applied pass interference or roughing the passer violations against the Steelers and less stringently against the Cardinals. Or, would you support a referee who refused to make offensive pass interference calls because he thought it was a silly rule? You'd probably remind him that the league makes the rules, not referees.

    I'm betting that most people would agree that football justice requires that referees apply the rules blindly and independent of the records or any other characteristic of the two teams. Moreover, I believe that most people would agree that referees should evenly apply the rules of the games even if they personally disagreed with some of the rules.

    The relationship between Supreme Court justices and the U.S. Constitution should be identical to that of referees and football rules. The status of a person appearing before the court should have absolutely nothing to do with the rendering of decisions. That's why Lady Justice, often appearing on court buildings, is shown wearing a blindfold. It is to indicate that justice should be meted out impartially, regardless of identity, power or weakness. Also, as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Men should know the rules by which the game is played. Doubt as to the value of some of those rules is no sufficient reason why they should not be followed by the courts." The legislative branch makes the rules, not judges.

    Interventionists often make their case for bending the rules based on the unfairness of outcomes such as differences in income, education and wealth. After all, how can the game of life possibly be fair when some people's yearly income totals in the hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, while many others scarcely earn twenty or thirty thousand dollars? Some people find that argument persuasive but it's nonsense. Income distribution is an outcome and fairness cannot be determined by outcomes. It's the same with football. The Steelers winning six Super Bowl titles and Arizona winning none is an outcome and cannot be used to determine football fairness. Fairness in either case must be settled by process questions such as: Were the rules unbiased and evenly applied? If so, any outcome is just and actions based on empathy would make it unjust.

    Dr. Williams is a nationally syndicated columnist, former chairman of the economics department at George Mason University, and author of More Liberty Means Less Government

    taken from Renew America - click here

    This, my friends, is a much bigger issue than we realize. The hate crimes laws are being built around empathy for the homosexual movement, which in reality, makes no sense. I imagine more children and women are harassed and abused, than homosexuals every year, but we don't have hate crime laws for the female gender, or children, say, under 10. So why are we targeting out homosexuals to get special treatment? Does that mean if a lesbian ask me what I believe about homosexuals, and I am a Christian, and say that it is wrong, that God says it is wrong and an abomination against Him, does that mean she can use it against me, because I don't agree, nor believe in homosexuality? Look at the attacks on Miss California for stating what she believes about marriage being between a man and woman. The liberal movement is doing to the conservatives EXACTLY what they say the conservatives were doing to them.
    However, I leave you with this passage:

    Isaiah 5:
    20 Woe to those who call evil good

    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    and clever in their own sight.


    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    May 19, 2009
    KS Planned Parenthood's paltry pep rally

    Last Friday KS state Sen. Tim Huelskamp's amendment to defund Planned Parenthood was sent to the desk of pro-abort Gov. Mark Parkinson (who took Kathleen Sebelius' place) to sign.

    Parkinson has less than a week to make his decision.

    Don't forget PP of of KS and Mid-MO is currently charged with over 100 criminal counts of illegal late-term abortions, tampering with evidence, and other typical PP offenses. Yet the State of KS still funds PP handsomely, to the tune of $300k annually.

    Yesterday pro-abort blogger Kansas Jackass issued a rally call! Count 'em, 4 pro-abort groups were co-sponsoring an event on the steps of the state capitol today to show support for PP! Click to enlarge...

    ks jackass.JPG

    When I heard about this rally, I knew it would be impotent. It's hard to get rah-rah abortion supporters unless they're paid. Fortunately, the weather was nice or the event would have been a guaranteed no-show. Sure enough, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported a whopping total of 20, through the combined efforts of the ACLU, KS Equality Coalition, NOW, and PP, came out in support..

    ks pp no shows.jpg

    The KS City Star, past recipient of PP's Maggie Award, embellished the "crowd," as Kansas Jackass twittered it, to "30," but pictures don't lie. From PP's Facebook page, it was 20....

    pp no show 2.jpg

    Compare that to the pro-life rally held this past January at the same state capitol with 1,500 supporters...

    kansas rally2.jpgkansans rally1.jpg

    This is the way it always is. Pro-aborts have been winning with money they get from abortions and give to pro-abort politicians. But this is slowly being surmounted by simple pro-life might.

    Kansan pro-lifers need to contact Gov. Parkinson immediately at 877-579-6757, by fax at 785-368-8788, or e-mail at

    [HT: Matt Lewis; photo attribution for pro-life photos: Kansans for Life, taken by Joseph Meyers at]

    You gotta love it, abortion supporters rah-rah when they are paid!! Woo-hoo! The truth will set you FREE, saith the Lord Jesus! Pam

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Obama Outside US Mainstream On Abortion

    New Gallup Poll Shows A Slight Majority Of Americans Are Considered Pro-Life

    By JOE MURRAY, The Bulletin
    Monday, May 18, 2009
    As Barack Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame yesterday divided the Catholic campus, a new poll shows the president’s view on abortion could divide the country.

    Fifty-one percent of Americans consider themselves “pro-life” and 42 percent say they are “pro-choice,” according to a new poll released by Gallup. This is the first time a majority of the nation has identified with the pro-life movement since Gallup started taking to the poll in 1995 when only 33 percent said they were “pro-life.”

    “In recent years, we at Priests for Life have been saying that the pro-life movement is winning, and that one of the signs is the shift of opinion polls in our direction,” said Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life.

    “This new Gallup poll reinforces that fact, showing the highest levels Gallup has ever measured of people indicating they are ‘pro-life’ and indicating that all abortion should be illegal.”

    The poll documents a growing trend in U.S. public opinion concerning the legality of abortion. When the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand in 1973, 22 percent of the country believed abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.

    The number of Americans holding such a view hit a low in 1995-1996 when just 12 percent agreed abortion should be illegal under all circulates. But now the Gallup poll shows 23 percent support a ban on all abortions; the highest since Gallup started taking the poll.

    As for those Americans believing abortion should be legal in all situations, just 22 percent polled by Gallup hold such a view. In 1973 21 percent agreed with the idea abortion should be legal under all circumstances and the view peaked in 1992 with 34 percent of the public agreeing.

    The poll credits Mr. Obama’s election with causing the shift in U.S. public opinion.

    “It is possible that, through his abortion policies, Obama has pushed the public’s understanding of what it means to be ‘pro-choice’ slightly to the left, politically,” the poll found. “While Democrats may support that, as they generally support everything Obama is doing as president, it may be driving others in the opposite direction.”

    Pro-life advocates said such a shift was a long time coming and not unexpected.

    “It’s not shocking that we’re seeing stronger pro-life opinions. This trend has been steady since the early ‘90s,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

    “What is interesting is American’s shift in self-labeling to a majority ‘pro-life’ identification. Americans are now seeing through the PR-generated label, ‘pro-choice.’”

    Ms. Dannenfelser believes Mr. Obama’s pro-choice policies are putting the White House at odds with the U.S. public. Since taking the oath of office, the president has worked to increase abortion services with the latest example being his call to remove a ban on taxpayer funded abortions in the District of Columbia.

    The president has also lifted the ban of funding overseas abortions and has moved to rescind job protections for health care workers refusing to participate in abortion procedures. During the presidential election he campaign in favor of the Freedom of Choice Act and said the abortion issue was above his “pay grade.”

    “President Obama and the pro-abortion majority in Congress are in a collision course with public opinion on abortion policy. What we’re debating right now – taxpayer funding for abortion – dramatically outstrips public opinion,” Ms. Dannenfelser said.

    Another factor why a majority of Americans indentify with the pro-life movement is due to the advance of medical science. Unlike in 1973, modern medicine now calls into doubt the proposition a fetus is not a child worthy of protection.

    "In the last two decades, ultrasounds have made people aware that abortion kills a baby, and women have been vocal about regretting their abortion,” said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America.

    The Gallup poll showed the pro-life movement making gains across the board. The number of pro-life Catholics, Protestants, women and men increased during this year’s poll. And as Americans move towards the pro-life movement, pro-life leaders say the Republican Party needs to follow.

    “GOP leaders across the nation should take note of both this week’s poll and last week’s Pew research that show the pro-life position is strengthening the Republican Party,” said Ms. Dannenfelser.

    “It’s time to abandon the ‘blame pro-lifers first’ approach when the GOP loses. If Republicans want to improve their electoral performance, standing on the side of Life is one of the best decisions they can make.”

    The poll found the number of Republican-leaning Independent voters who consider themselves pro-life rose 10 points, from 60 percent to 70 percent, since the last time the poll was taken in May 2008.

    The number of Republican leaners identifying themselves as pro-choice dropped from 36 percent to 26 percent.

    Joe Murray can be reached at

    This is wonderful news, that people are waking up to what abortion truly is. Pam

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    May 15, 2009
    Pro-lifers, including elderly priest, arrested at Notre Dame

    UPDATE, 2:35p: Am adding stills from archived video of the arrest...

    keyes arrested 3.jpg

    Note all the media...

    keyes arrested 4.jpg

    If you go to the video link above (video #4), begin watching at about 12:00. The arrest of this dear elderly priest (photos on page 2), while perhaps following the letter of the law, was despicable. Think of the circumstances. This almost made me cry....

    keyes arrested 5.jpg

    keyes arrested 7.jpg

    keyes arrested 6.jpg_______________

    I gotta say I'm changing my mind on the value of civil disobedience at Notre Dame and the willingness of Alan Keyes et al to get arrested.

    From Fox News, within the hour:

    keyes arrested 2b.jpg

    Protesters opposed to President Obama's address to the graduating class of Notre Dame were arrested Friday after they disobeyed rules about staging their demonstration and walked onto the university campus....

    Protesters were told they could protest all they want in the town of South Bend, IN, but once they stepped onto Notre Dame property, they would be arrested.

    Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes led about 50 people onto the campus. They came across the gate and about 200 yards up the driveway where campus police were waiting. They were peaceful. The police asked the protesters to leave. They refused and were taken into custody. Vans were ready to load them up.

    Perhaps the most dramatic moment happened when Father Norman Weslin of Omaha, NE, a former army colonel and founder of the Lambs of Christ, refused to leave. He was singing and was carried off on a stretcher, not strong enough to march off on his own.

    All in all, about 15 people, a group not from the Notre Dame community, were arrested.

    Outside of the arrests, the campus was generally quiet. A lot of students say the president's visit has been a constant source of debate about the school's teachings on life.

    Both sides have been very civil. However, the activity off campus has caused some anxiety for members of the community who say that raucous protests may detract from the students' graduation day....

    [HT: reader Gene P.; photo attribution: Associated Press]

    taken from Jill Stanek's blog.

    President Obama will be speaking Sunday at the graduation. There is a lot of peaceful protesting, and obviously you are arrested only if you go on campus. Question of the day. Would you go on campus and be arrested if given the opportunity? Pam

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Great News Everyone!

    Just finished listening to David Bereit from 40 Days for Life talk about this past Spring Campaign, and the one we are gearing up for in the fall.

    Here are the results from the Spring Campaign:

    215,000 people involved
    240 cities involved
    4 Canadian Providences involved
    6 nations involved
    1561 confirmed mothers whose hearts were changed and kept their babies
    18 abortion clinic workers quit their jobs
    3 abortion facilities closed

    Praise the Lord! Isn't that wonderful! This is what happens when God's people get on their knees and pray! Also, they are gearing up for an even greater campaign in the fall. This summer we are focusing on getting out in the community to get people educated on the truth of abortion! We are also hoping to get more and more churches involved. Anyone that would like to participate and get involved with 40 Days for Life, contact the director in your city. We NEED more and more people to get the word out in between the campaigns!

    Also, reports are coming in that Abortion support has decreased by 8% in the past months. Click here to read Jill Stanek's latest report. One more thing that was brought up by David Bereit from 40 Days for Life. If abortion was decreased or defeated under a legislation that was Pro Life, man would get all the glory, and the Pro Choice movement would look at the politicians. When abortion is defeated, and it will be!, under a radical Pro Choice administration, GOD will get ALL THE GLORY!!!! Keep praying my fellow prayer warriors! God is moving and He will be victorious!!! Pam

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    May 9, 2009
    Breaking news: Pro-life ad to air during American Idol finale

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThere was great news at yesterday's National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. According to

    EWTN's Raymond Arroyo announced that this new pro-life video ad has been accepted for broadcast on the closing episode of American Idol.

    Produced by as part of its series of "Imagine the Potential" ads, the new ad promotes adoption by highlighting famous people who were themselves adopted.

    The ad is fabulous! You'll watch it more than once...

    This is the most absolute, wonderful, best thing, we in the Pro Life movement could do. Start promoting adoption, adoption, adoption. Getting the abortion laws overturned isn't going to happen anytime soon, but changing how people think, can. If we renew people's minds, especially the young girls and women to think LIFE for their baby, well, we wouldn't have to worry about the laws. Pam

    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Moral Debate - Take the organs from aborted babies, or go the higher path and clone them for their organs.

    taken from Life Training Institute

    Killing Two Birds With One Clone [Bob]

    I recently wrote on my own blog about the moral questions surrounding organ donation. In a nutshell, the topic has become more morally controversial in recent years as technology -- and a redefinition of what it means to be dead -- have "evolved" with the times. It used to be that one was considered dead when they became cold, blue and stiff. But as medical technology advanced to the point that organ donation became more viable, transplant medicine demanded that vital organs not be degraded beyond a useful state — a state that “cold, blue and stiff” often violates. So, in 1968, a Harvard committee proposed a more updated definition of death based on the brain dead criteria that has become a part of the national lexicon.

    Even more recently, another definition of death has been put forward for organ donor candidates. The notion of cardiac death is defined as an “irreversible cessation of cardiac function.” This questionable criterion hinges on the definition of "irreversible," especially when you consider that the heart from one patient who has been labeled thus can be removed and instigated to go on beating in the chest of another patient. In that case, does irreversible mean that "we can't" restore cardiac function, or that we "won't." [re: Salvo, Spring 2009, Issue 8, p. 32]

    In each case, there is a dilemma in play that begs us to consider the morality involved in not only choosing between offering one -- or several -- individuals a new lease on life through organ harvesting and taking the life of another by doing so.

    These are difficult decisions. At least they have been in the past. But now, thanks to the insight of Sir Richard Gardner of Oxford University, they no longer need be. Gardner has found an ingenious solution to avoid the moral and medical difficulties of organ harvesting by completely bypassing the need to tiptoe along the hazy line that defines death ...
    An Oxford University stem cell expert has urged the use of aborted children in organ transplants as a solution to the shortage of available organs. Sir Richard Gardner has called for a feasibility study on the possibility of obtaining organs from the bodies of aborted babies.

    He said, "It is probably a more realistic technique in dealing with the shortage of kidney donors than others."


    But, as if Gardner's clever solution isn't despicable enough, a careful reading of the announcement shows that there may be a method to his macabre madness and that his outrageous suggestion may be nothing more than floating a trial balloon.

    Notice that Dr. Gardner is described as a "stem cell expert."

    No doubt he, or someone like him, will soon propose that, in order to mollify the moral objections that the "extremists" may see in using aborted fetuses to harvest body parts, we could avoid all such controversy by creating embryonic stem cells for the specific organs we need to replace. In other words, utilizing IVF embryos or engaging in therapeutic cloning for the purpose of embryo destruction to produce needed organs would be touted as a morally superior option. No ripped up babies! No motivation to abort babies! We'd just be doing "therapy."

    This is the place where stem cell research and harvesting organs meet. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that there is a slippery slope here and that we have been on it for many years. Those who have constructed the slope are doing nothing but covering it with grease.

    Wait and see, they will end up using both aborted babies and cloned ones for organs and research. There will be a lot of money involved with the aborted babies. How did we get here? Pam

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Pro Choice People are Smart

    It is 11:30 at night as I write this with an aching head, back, and heart. It has gotten to the point where much time is spent keeping up with what all is going on. Let me tell you something, I am not very smart. There are articles and opinions out there that are amazingly written and well thought out. They use their words wisely. The Pro Choice people are very smart too. They are good at manipulating words, manipulating thoughts, and manipulating lives. The Pro Life people aren't real good at that, because most of us have our Father to answer to, and He requires us to tell the truth. No manipulating of anything. Truth only, as His son did while here on earth. People didn't like His son too much while He was here on earth wanting to help people, telling the truth about sin, and pointing people to His Father. Kind of sounds like what the Pro Life people are doing, doesn't it? And kind of sounds like those Pro Choice people are like the ones that didn't like Jesus.

    Unfortunately, there are many that don't like Christians because they feel we are taking away their rights. They feel that we are restricting their lives from having fun and living freely. Kind of like rebellious teenagers. That is what the liberals remind me of. Destructive, rebellious teenagers who think only of themselves, and do not realize that certain rules and laws are put in place to help and protect them, along with society. That boundaries are good. That their actions and decisions have consequences. Not only for themselves, but others also. Although the Pro Choice people are smart, very smart, they have regressed mentally and emotionally back to being rebellious, dangerous teenagers, who destroy everything in their paths. And that would include our President. Pam

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Readers, will you please read this article and tell me what you think?

    taken from Jill Stanek
    May 4, 2009
    Psychological warfare: Students complain about "abortion plane"

    I've been writing quite a bit about the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest's "abortion plane," as Wonkette called it. I requested donations for this important pro-life work over the weekend. (Thanks to all who donated. Please give now if you haven't.)

    Received this email from Gregg Cunningham, head of CBR:

    nd church photo.jpg

    This is very much a psychological warfare tactic. The students are now complaining in large numbers that they can hear the plane inside their classrooms and it bothers them.

    Planes fly over Notre Dame all the time and they have never before bothered these students. What is happening now is that when any plane flies over, it is suddenly audible at a new level. They fear that it is not just some plane, but THE plane.

    Now instead of picturing a generic plane, they picture "that f***ing" plane, as so many messages call it. Now the sound of the engine forces them to see an aborted baby in their minds eye and it deeply stresses them. This is the first pro-life project from which they could not totally shield themselves. It reaches them wherever they try to hide....

    This project isn't just about teaching ND a lesson. It is about signaling to every other Catholic college that if you invite this serial killer to speak on your campus, you are going to be inviting an intolerable level of disruption. It is about signaling to the White House that if they try to pull this stunt again with any other Catholic college, we are going to be there to embarrass the president by relentlessly, remorselessly hammering the administration, faculty and student body at that school.

    FYI, this is finals week. Everyone is in class. I've received word the plane will fly 6 hours instead of the usual 3 each of the next 2 days.

    What do you think about this? Is it wrong? Is it good? Is there a better way? Should we not say anything or stand up? Pam

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    Please Read this Article and Donate to the Huge Protest in Notre Dame to Keep the Planes Flying!! Help Keep their Stress Level Up!

    May 2, 2009

    Weekend question

    weekend question.jpgPresident Abortion's anti-life activism has caused an unexpected backlash.

    The 1st sign was the public's reaction to Obama's overturn of the Mexico City policy so as to provide taxpayer $$ to international abortion groups. This got him a 65% disapproval rating according to Gallup.

    Then reported a spike in pro-life recruitment and mobilization.

    This week a Pew Poll showed the biggest drop in abortion support in 15 years - mostly from abortion-leaning Independents.

    obama sebelius confirmation 2.jpgObama may be winning battles like the Sebelius confirmation, but at this point he's losing the public opinion war.

    Translation: Obama is making abortion unpopular.

    The public fights Obama is instigating about abortion through his staff-picks and policy decisions are having an impact.

    Next will be the fight over David Souter's Supreme Court replacement.

    But right now Notre Dame is where it's at. When ND President Fr. John Jenkins announced ND would honor Obama at its May 17 commencement, I'm sure he was braced for backlash. But no one could have anticipated the tsunami.

    Read this convicting email from Gregg Cunningham, president of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. As I've previously reported, CBR is running an effective ground and air Obama Awareness Campaign. Someone asked him how much $$ he needs for the next 16 days:

    ... But $15K is a bare-bones budget which I could easily and usefully spend in the time remaining till graduation by simply increasing the number of hours we fly each day.

    If I had even more money, I would bring in one or more additional planes. I would very much like to do that because the more hours we fly the more stress we cause the campus and community. The more stress we cause, the less likely it will be that Mr. Obama will end up on another Catholic campus any time soon.

    nd dome photo.jpg

    Every time Catholic leaders venerate this mass murderer, they reinforce Obama's subliminal message that "you don't have to agree with me on abortion, as long as you agree with me that abortion is no big deal." That empowers him. It makes it easier for him to ram his agenda into law. It makes it easier for him to get re-elected and expand his loony-left majority in Congress.

    Our very stressful presence at ND signals the left that if they want to make a pact with the devil, they will pay a price. Mr. Obama just announced he is putting FOCA on the back burner until "some of the anger" dies down. He is talking specifically about us.

    The left scoffed at pro-life protesters at ND till we showed up. They scoff no longer.... Liberals think they should be able to get away with serial murder and we should just shut up and take it. They don't want to be criticized, but they really don't want to be forced to face the truth that abortion kills real babies and Obama is a real baby-killer. The pictures rain on their commencement parade. The pictures out the fact that everything isn't alright at ND. Now the pro-Obama students can't feel quite so good about abortion, Obama or themselves.

    cbr cross.jpg

    I could spend $30K here between now and graduation and still wish I had more. This is an extraordinary opportunity to pound the opposition. This is one of the few times when Mr. Obama's handlers have stupidly walked him into a political ambush, and I don't want to let them walk him back out. They have made the mistake of underestimating the pushback this invitation would trigger, and that makes them extremely vulnerable for the next 16 days.

    We have paid for 3 more days of flying at 3 hours per day, but that merely covers graduation weekend. Keeping the pressure on between now and then will fray nerves exponentially with each passing day. That greatly magnifies the impact of those last 3 days. This is a classic psychological warfare operation, and the effect of the stress we are imposing is cumulative. If we ease up and let everyone recover, we greatly diminish the influence of those last 3 days of flying. This is such an extraordinary opportunity.... Don't you agree?

    Yes, I do! Which brings me to this weekend's question:

    Will you please invest money NOW in this critical pro-life battle?

    The Stanek website receives between 4-6k unique visitors each day on weekends. If 4k people gave CBR $25, that would give CBR $100k. I know some people coming here are pro-abort, and some pro-lifers can't give. But you can see there is easy potential to meet a $15k goal and for us to pay to fly CBR's plane through commencement. I sent CBR a $100 check last week. Some of us can donate a little more. Please give something.

    Mail checks to: CBR, PO Box 360503, Columbus, OH 43236

    Donate online here. If that link doesn't work, go to the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest homepage and click the donate tab 4th line down on the right.

    Donate online if possible. You'll get 'er done and not have to think about it again, and CBR will better know how much $ it has for this project.

    Thanks in advance... :)

    [Top photo courtesy of AFP; 2nd photo courtesy of ABC; bottom photo courtesy of CBR]

    I am donating my 25.00 because I want to be able to say I contributed to their stress and uncomfortableness! Pam