Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3 of 40 Days for Life Please go to the 40 Days for Life website!

16 BABIES saved so far in the 40 Days for Life campaign! We may think that is not very many compared to how many babies have been aborted everyday, but it is 16 that were NOT aborted. Today was my first day to pray. Upon arrival a praise report was given about a woman who made an appointment at Birthchoice Crisis Pregnancy Center for 11:00. We rejoiced! There were quite a few people there. Some were sidewalk counselors, stationed on the front line who tried to speak with the women driving and walking in and out of the abortion clinic, and then there was us, the prayer warriors, across the street, praying and reading scripture. It was by far the most powerful praying I have ever experienced. It made me think of the Old Testament Prophets, who constantly spoke truth to the Israelites and prayed for their sins against God to be forgiven. I found myself lining up with those prayers, lifting the abortion clinic up to God, asking Him to forgive them for what they do not know nor see with their hearts, begging for their salvation. We spent time standing and on our knees, weeping and singing praises. Amazing Grace was hummed as scripture was read. Oh ladies, it was an experience filled with sweetness also. It was part of my healing process as I tasted the Lord's goodness and forgiveness and felt His love. After speaking briefly to my friends about being able to relate better to the Old Testament Prophets, a man in a truck came by and said ugly things to us. We lifted him up in prayer and my friend just happened to run across Matthew 5:11-12. We praised the Lord and thanked Him for confirming His goodness. I encourage all of you who are able to physically participate in the praying at an abortion clinic to go.....go......for you will not walk away the same. Pray ladies, pray...abortion not only kills a baby, it destroys the mother and affects everyone involved in her life...just ask my living children, and every person that had ever tried to have a relationship with me before I was saved. There are many more involved beyond the 16 babies saved...many more.....


Beth in NC said...

Praise God Pam! Praise God!!! Sixteen souls who will have a chance to change this world. Hallelujah!

Pam said...

Amen Beth, Amen....

Deanna said...

Hi I found you through Lisa Shaw's blog!

Praise God that 16 of His precious new lives will live! Amen! That is victory!

I have not had an abortion, but through my own personal struggle of "baby-stuff" I know, that I know just how precious life is. We cannot take the responsiblity for stopping life, not even when fear rages its ugly little head. Life is not ours to begin with.

I am so happy to know you love Jesus. He loves you more :O)

I stuggle. Don't let me sound like a saint, because I am far from perfect. I have to remind myself that He loves me more too.

I read a few posts down of yours about the question of FORGIVING OURSELVES. Isn't that hard? We can do it. Along with one of things I've done in my past and the pain of regret that haunting me years later--- to get through that, and to then to find forgiveness for myself afterwards--- well, I don't know which was hardest. Like I said, I'm no saint of "how-to's" I don't know have an answer but I know that Jesus does and Jesus DOES NOT FAIL. That makes me smile!!!

Bless your heart dear one for staying the course! God bless you and yours! May His peace pour over! I am happy to have met another blogger in "blogville" that has a precious and beautiful heart ~ A sister in Christ! Hope to see you at my place. I look forward to visiting again.


LisaShaw said...

Glory to God! I was supposed to get off line but was drawn to your blog. Now I know why!

What a testimony of God's faithfulness! 16 precious souls saved today from abortion! Hallelujah!!!

You are experiencing something Pam that is transforming your life. That's what happens when we surrender ourselves to be used by the LORD. I'm so excited for you.

May the Holy Spirit fill you with all of God's peace, wisdom, anointing and power as you continue to surrender to Him.

Love you much.

Pam said...

Thanks Deanna for the encouragement! I am on such a journey of grace, and I just love you ladies that are filled with encouragement and words of hope because you are right, none of us are saints!! I will be over to visit you soon!

Pam said...

Hey Lisa, yes I was excited about the 16 babies and the praying was absolutely wonderful! I pray you are feeling better and look forward to hearing about your experience when you go! Praise the Lord, He is so good! And I am taking one day at a time in surrendering. I don't have a clue of where I'm going, but He does! Thanks Lisa! Love you!

Jessica Brown said...

Pam, this (as well as ALL of your posts) is really beautiful and encouraging!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you this... When I left you ladies at the clinic Friday afternoon guess what song came on the radio!!?

"Grace Like Rain" by Todd Agnew
(the first verses of the song are the lyrics to "AMAZING GRACE!")

WOW. I got chills and gave thanks to God!

love, Jessica

Pam said...

Hey Jessica! Don't you just love when God confirms things? Thank you for being faithful and going out to the clinic so much. I believe it changes us.....