Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 6 of 40 Days For Life!!

33 Babies Saved and Counting!! Isn't that awesome!! Rumor has it, along with the numbers to back it up,that the Pro Life movement is growing larger! People are opening their eyes to see the destruction of abortion. When I had my abortions in the early 1980's a woman could not be over 12 weeks pregnant. There weren't ultrasounds back then, so I don't know how the length of pregnancy was determined by the abortion clinic. Now, a woman can be 20 weeks pregnant and have a partial abortion where they dismember the baby before taking it out. I am sorry if this is graphic and disturbing, but did you know that a lot of the women in my church didn't know that? I didn't know until last fall. And believe me, they are performing abortions at a much later date than that. George Tiller, an abortionist from Kansas, who is well known for doing late term abortions, has been indicted and is going to court for misdemeanor charges. Not felony, mind you...unborn babies aren't human and have no rights. Alright, something to think about. Last week Deanna and I went to a fund raiser for a Crisis Pregnancy Center. The African American Doctor who spoke use to be an abortionist, (both her and her husband) and had gotten saved, (both her and her husband). Now, she is letting people know the truth. There are many things I could say, but here is a nugget for thought that may help you to see the grandness of this evil. She stated, that as you know, the unborn babies tissue can now be used for stem cell research. (and the abortion clinics make MONEY from selling it AFTER they receive money from the woman for her abortion) If the Freedom of Choice Act is passed and babies can be aborted up to the time of delivery they can harvest their organs. That means the clinics will make a LOT of money off of the unborn babies organs. Planned Parenthood is asking for billions of dollars in taxpayers money....this is evil at the core...women....we gotta stand up and speak out!!!!


LisaShaw said...

Dearest Pam,

I received your email the other day regarding the black woman...I am familiar with her and I was also familiar with the stem cell research info. Isn't it horrible!!!

My peace is in knowing that GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE! HALLELUJAH! And so we must keep praying wherever we are! And keep speaking out as many have done for a long time and some are new but all are speaking out for God's glory and every time one speaks out and one prays I believe ANOTHER CHILD is saved!

Glory to GOD!

It's not us or anything we can do it's our GOD and His spirit moving and working in all the earth. We are so privileged to be vessels by which His Holy Spirit flows through. Amen!

So keep speaking and keep praying Pam as we all are and keep spreading the WORD.

I am saddened still by all the loss of precious life but I also celebrate for every CHILD whose life is being saved!

I want to give a praise report: I have in the last week received two emails from women who used to be pro-choice and are now pro-life. One is married to a pro-choice liberal who is very angry at Christians so we must pray for her. Her name is Diane. Pray also for her husband to surrender his life to Christ.

The other woman is in deep depression. She had four abortions in the last 10 years. She voted for Obama and is in deep regret and she has JUST THIS LAST SUNDAY GIVEN HER LIFE BACK TO THE LORD!! GLORY TO GOD!! She did not release me to share her name so I will give her initials SJ. Please pray for her.

Let us all continue to stand in JESUS NAME for LIFE!!!

Love you all.

Pam said...

Praise the Lord Lisa!! and you are right about it being all God! He is sovereign! I will pray for the ladies and the one woman's husband...and yes...we have to stand up!!

LisaShaw said...

Are you and Beth still going tomorrow? I'm praying for you both.

Tammy said...

Praise God for the lives that are saved!!

I spoke with a girl about 2 weeks ago at the center,she was 16 weeks pregnant and was going to abort because her boyfriend was going to leave her if she didn't. I talked with her,showed her information on the procedure and she even let me pray with her.

Then last week we called to see if she was okay and she informed us that she had the abortion,she was 17 1/2 weeks.
My heart sank.

I will continue to fight this battle,even if I have to walk up the hill for the rest of my life!

Pam said...

Lisa, yes, Beth and I are still going as planned unless something happens.

Tammy, I know that breaks your heart. But you are still out there walking up hill everyday, and that is what we have to do!! I think with us women who have aborted and know the truth, there is a burning passion because we know the outcome of abortion, and it isn't good. I loved what Jennifer ONeill said about experience overriding theory!! Boy is that the truth!!!