Monday, May 11, 2009

May 9, 2009
Breaking news: Pro-life ad to air during American Idol finale

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThere was great news at yesterday's National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. According to

EWTN's Raymond Arroyo announced that this new pro-life video ad has been accepted for broadcast on the closing episode of American Idol.

Produced by as part of its series of "Imagine the Potential" ads, the new ad promotes adoption by highlighting famous people who were themselves adopted.

The ad is fabulous! You'll watch it more than once...

This is the most absolute, wonderful, best thing, we in the Pro Life movement could do. Start promoting adoption, adoption, adoption. Getting the abortion laws overturned isn't going to happen anytime soon, but changing how people think, can. If we renew people's minds, especially the young girls and women to think LIFE for their baby, well, we wouldn't have to worry about the laws. Pam



This is GREAT news proves God's Spirit is blowing with that wind of holiness toward VICTORY! There is always HOPE - because God is Sovereign over all!

Choosing JOY,
[JESUS - The One I Worship]

Pam said...

You are right Stephanie! That is where our hope lies! Of course, it is all Jesus!

LisaShaw said...

I don't watch American Idol so I had no idea of this ad running so thanks for the FYI! May God be glorified!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Pam. Love ya.

Pam said...

Yes, isn't this wonderful. If we can just get people to think adoption rather than abortion!

LisaShaw said...

I agree with you Pam. I wish it were that easy. The issue of abortion actually runs so much deeper than people understanding that adoption is a more loving option. It's sad and tragic but true that there are so many areas that are not touched and dealt with within the inner core of people. We live in a nation and a world that has rejected GOD in so many ways. We are a fallen people IN NEED OF THE WORK DONE AT THE CROSS.

O how I pray and wish and hope that ALL will change but it won't happen BUT SOME will and so we keep praying and speaking and sharing truths with people based on the Word of GOD.

Bless you.

Pam said...

Yes, we just have to keep reaching out for those "few". You are so right. That is what I have been saying lately. Unfortunately most people will reject Jesus, life, and the help that is available.

Anonymous said...

We must not also forget to preach more about abstinence. As Christians, we must say this out loud and out loud to our kids that premarital sex is wrong in the eyes of God. Not to be rude, but really, 5 minutes of pleasure, and you could face a life long decision whether you keep your baby or not. Being a Mother is not easy, having an abortion is not easy and giving your baby up for adoption is not easy. But that little 5 minutes of pleasure was VERY easy. See how the Devil works. But God can heal and restore! I really think abstinence and adoption should get talked about more. And the movies are always depicting the adopted child as an evil child that will come back and seek revenge on the biological mother or something crazy like that. It's just too bad how the media works on us.
Bless you.

Pam said...

That is true Anonymous. Planned Parenthood wants all abstinence programs to be terminated, and the money to be put, of course, in their programs to ensure "safe sex". It is truly a renewing of the mind. WE (the church-me included!)have stayed quite for so long that they have dominated this issue with their lies. Even the potrayal of adoption and how hard it will be on the mother to "give" her child up for adoption, and then like you stated, that the child will hate her mother. We have to get info out there to the people on LIFE, which is God's way. If people are only told one thing, that is all they know.