Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great News Everyone!

Just finished listening to David Bereit from 40 Days for Life talk about this past Spring Campaign, and the one we are gearing up for in the fall.

Here are the results from the Spring Campaign:

215,000 people involved
240 cities involved
4 Canadian Providences involved
6 nations involved
1561 confirmed mothers whose hearts were changed and kept their babies
18 abortion clinic workers quit their jobs
3 abortion facilities closed

Praise the Lord! Isn't that wonderful! This is what happens when God's people get on their knees and pray! Also, they are gearing up for an even greater campaign in the fall. This summer we are focusing on getting out in the community to get people educated on the truth of abortion! We are also hoping to get more and more churches involved. Anyone that would like to participate and get involved with 40 Days for Life, contact the director in your city. We NEED more and more people to get the word out in between the campaigns!

Also, reports are coming in that Abortion support has decreased by 8% in the past months. Click here to read Jill Stanek's latest report. One more thing that was brought up by David Bereit from 40 Days for Life. If abortion was decreased or defeated under a legislation that was Pro Life, man would get all the glory, and the Pro Choice movement would look at the politicians. When abortion is defeated, and it will be!, under a radical Pro Choice administration, GOD will get ALL THE GLORY!!!! Keep praying my fellow prayer warriors! God is moving and He will be victorious!!! Pam


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Pam - Praising Jesus with you! This is just awesome.

My little brother is adopted. We were able to bring him home when he was 5 wks old. I was 8 at the time. His birth mom was only 15 and praise GOd every day, that she chose life for him.

Pam said...

Agreed Beth! That is wonderful and that is what I pray for this country! Adoption over abortion!


Beautiful Pam! Amen and Amen! To God be the glory for what He has done and what He will do!

Love you...

LisaShaw said...

I know isn't it awesome. I am on their distribution and receive their updates. We must keep praying and speaking out in the venues before us.

Pam said...

Great Lisa, I am glad you are keeping up! The fall campaign will be here before you know it! You are right to keep going!