Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009
KS Planned Parenthood's paltry pep rally

Last Friday KS state Sen. Tim Huelskamp's amendment to defund Planned Parenthood was sent to the desk of pro-abort Gov. Mark Parkinson (who took Kathleen Sebelius' place) to sign.

Parkinson has less than a week to make his decision.

Don't forget PP of of KS and Mid-MO is currently charged with over 100 criminal counts of illegal late-term abortions, tampering with evidence, and other typical PP offenses. Yet the State of KS still funds PP handsomely, to the tune of $300k annually.

Yesterday pro-abort blogger Kansas Jackass issued a rally call! Count 'em, 4 pro-abort groups were co-sponsoring an event on the steps of the state capitol today to show support for PP! Click to enlarge...

ks jackass.JPG

When I heard about this rally, I knew it would be impotent. It's hard to get rah-rah abortion supporters unless they're paid. Fortunately, the weather was nice or the event would have been a guaranteed no-show. Sure enough, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported a whopping total of 20, through the combined efforts of the ACLU, KS Equality Coalition, NOW, and PP, came out in support..

ks pp no shows.jpg

The KS City Star, past recipient of PP's Maggie Award, embellished the "crowd," as Kansas Jackass twittered it, to "30," but pictures don't lie. From PP's Facebook page, it was 20....

pp no show 2.jpg

Compare that to the pro-life rally held this past January at the same state capitol with 1,500 supporters...

kansas rally2.jpgkansans rally1.jpg

This is the way it always is. Pro-aborts have been winning with money they get from abortions and give to pro-abort politicians. But this is slowly being surmounted by simple pro-life might.

Kansan pro-lifers need to contact Gov. Parkinson immediately at 877-579-6757, by fax at 785-368-8788, or e-mail at governor@ks.gov.

[HT: Matt Lewis; photo attribution for pro-life photos: Kansans for Life, taken by Joseph Meyers at yourbestphotographer.com]

You gotta love it, abortion supporters rah-rah when they are paid!! Woo-hoo! The truth will set you FREE, saith the Lord Jesus! Pam


Greg C said...

It is so sad how the media is blowing things out of proportion making it seem like ALL Americans are in support of things that they really aren't. The other night I heard a story about the growing number of babies that survive an abortion and are then "terminated". I think that is the word they used. I wanted to throw up when I heard that. If we allow them to continue pretty soon it will be ok to kill your children if they aren't smart enough or aren't pretty enough. Sad sad sad.

Pam said...

You are so right Greg. The sad thing is, they have dominated this movement with their wording and their views. The more we get the truth out there, the more people stand up! You are right about continuing to progress in that area. There was an Infanticide Bill introduced in Texas, where a mother could kill her child one year old and younger and not face a harsh penalty. We have GOT to STAND NOW!! Thanks Greg.

LisaShaw said...

I agree Greg and Pam.

Part of the PROBLEM IS THE SILENT CHURCH!!! Getting the word out must also be heard from the BODY OF CHRIST in the churches as well.

I believe each person is called by GOD to a different purpose and we all come about it differently BUT IT'S all for the common good and building of the Kingdom of God on earth. As long as we are each doing whatever the LORD has directed then we'll see EVEN MORE hearts changed and precious unborn lives saved in Jesus Name.

Blessings and peace.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Greetings Pam,

I just discovered your site this morning. I must admit that I was once for abortion, years and years back before I began to take a second look at who Jesus really was; I even walked along with them once in one of their strikes.

Isn't that so interesting how we can be born and raised to believe in one thing and then our TRUE Father draws us closer to Him and once we submit to His way of living we are His; raised by Him, and only Him? I find that so exceptionally awesome how the Good Lord redirects our paths, hearts, and minds to have a mind closer and closer in the image of His.

Feel proud of yourself for sharing and opening your hidden secrets which make up who you are today; a servant of His! Your past will only be used, as it is being used already, for His glory alone. We all have secrets; all have a past we aren't always ready to expose or are proud of. But when God puts in on our hearts to share this that's when He's going to make HUGE moves for the things the enemy meant for harm to be used in a powerful, magnificient way to reach lost souls. Good for you for being bold!

God Bless you Pam,


Pam said...

Thanks Sarah. Yes, I too, believed in abortion for many years and was raised in the 1970's women's movement. You are right, when we see who Jesus is, we see the truth. Thanks for stopping by.