Sunday, March 29, 2009

40 days for Life Article featured at Life News!!

National 40 Days for Life Campaign Sees Abortion Centers Temporarily Closing

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 29, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- For abortion center staff who don't want to face the prospect of going to work with dozens of pro-life advocates outside their facility, temporarily closing is the next best thing. That's what two abortion centers in Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida have done in the face of community opposition.

"I've heard from numerous 40 Days for Life vigil coordinators that on certain days, every one of the abortion center's patients left without having an abortion," 40 Days director Shawn Carney told

How does he know the abortions didn't take place?

"Because the clinic was closed. Locked tight -- nobody home," he said.

A pro-life advocate named Pat reports that as many as 50 people are praying and educating people outside a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Jacksonville. When they see the pro-life advocates at the center, women considering an abortion decide otherwise.

"Many cars will drive in, make a U-turn -- and keep going out," she said.

Carney comments: "Because of the pro-life presence at Planned Parenthood, these women went someplace else -- a pro-life pregnancy center -- where they saw ultrasound images of their children and chose life for their babies instead of abortion."

Another group of women came for their appointments for abortions the next Saturday, but, this time, Planned Parenthood shut down for the day due to the lack of customers the week prior.

"Many of these people don't know Jacksonville so they didn't know to drive two miles to the next abortionist, they just went home," Pat said.

Pat says the results are prompting pro-life advocates to make a commitment to be present outside the abortion center to deter even more abortions.

"We already know we will return to honor Planned Parenthood with our presence in the fall," she said. "They are definitely unhappy. I think their profits may be down. I know our spirits are up."

Shawn also informs of a pro-life advocate named Elizabeth in Austin, Texas who has worked with others and has seen an abortion center there close down two Sundays in a row when abortions were scheduled thanks to the 40 Days campaign.

"With the clinic not opening its gates for clients at all last Sunday that makes two Sundays that the clinic did not harm women and abort children," she said. "Even though we do not need to see the fruits of our labor to know we are doing what God wants, it sure is unbelievably encouraging."

Elizabeth says 450 pro-life people are participating in the Spring campaign and that has resulted in lives saved.

Carney says the results show that a peaceful, prayerful presence at abortion centers is effective in saving unborn children from abortion and helping women avoid a decision they will regret the rest of their lives.

"I know I've said this before, and I'll say it again and again: being there makes a difference," he said. "Being there on a regular basis makes a bigger difference. Being there on a regular basis in large numbers makes an incredible difference."

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This is absolutely wonderful!! Please realize prayer warriors that every moment of your presence in front of the clinics has a huge effect on what goes on behind their doors, and the women going to get the abortions! It does matter! It does help! We are making progress!!! Every little prayer means a lot!! Every small thing done helps in a huge way! Keep going, keep going!!! All of you are so important in this movement! Pam


Jessica said...

so awesome!!!
thank you for this great news!!

Deanna said...

Glory! Glory! Glory! to God Almighty! this has given me goose bumps! Praise Jesus, praise Jesus, praise Jesus!

.... my favorite part of the article was this:
Carney says the results show that a peaceful, prayerful presence at abortion centers is effective in saving unborn children from abortion and helping women avoid a decision they will regret the rest of their lives.

WOW.... the Lord alone is worthy to be praised without even knowing of His awesome acts.... but, how blessed we are to know and witness and see the fruit of His majesty. How great it is to see that when the servants of the Lord are faithul to Him in peaceful pursuit to make a difference in this world that we are blessed to see this fruit!

Pam, you are a beautiful and humble warrior your your Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ!

Pam said...

Isn't this great ladies! It is wonderful to see the Lord moving...thanks to every single small, feeble prayer up to the standing in front of the abortion clinics!! Praise God!

Ashley said...

Praise God! I am convinced that when women see their babies on an ultrasound, they cannot possibly abort a child. I am so thrilled to hear that what these people are doing in front of these clinics is working.

Van said...

We can't all do everything all the time. Sometimes I am overwhelmed that I cannot be everywhere for every cause. We are blessed that the Body of Christ is present everywhere. Thanks for your devotion to babies.


I loved Van's comment:
"We are blessed that the Body of Christ is present everywhere."

It's all about walking by faith - holding hands - and praying together for the cause of Christ! We must stop the genocide - and that starts and ends with PRAYER!

God is actively working to bring good from all the mess we have created!

Looking UPward and Choosing JOY,
[In Flight]

Pam said...

Amen everyone, amen!