Thursday, March 26, 2009

30 Days and 256 Babies Saved!!

Ten more days to go in this campaign, but let's not stop praying! Hopefully, we will all continue to pray at home and at the clinic. We are starting a Pro Life group at our church, and one of the things I am recommending is that we pick one day a month to pray at the clinic. Also, to sponsor a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and arrange a collection for their needs, once a month. Something simple, but effective. Those are my two favorite words...simple and effective!

Went to pray at the clinic today with Carol, my friend from church. I love going to pray, because something always happens! Upon arrival, there were three ladies praying from Wake Forest - Lynn, Linda, and Sandy. We prayed for awhile and then we watched as the man from the water department came and tagged the abortion clinic's water. I had no clue of what was going on, but Lynn was ecstatic! She had been praying for the clinic's utilities to be shut off! You gotta admit, that was pretty awesome, because the tagging meant their water bill had not been paid and would be shut off if not paid within a certain number of days! Isn't it great how something so little we know is of God! For He is sovereign! Jessica was there and commented on God's sense of humor! Sometimes we all need a good chuckle! We got a chance to stand around and talk for a few minutes, and Lynn blessed me with her Silent No More sign that states "We Regret our Abortions". I had been wanting one of those. The lies of this movement are astronomical, and so cleverly hidden with words that sound good, like "protecting a woman's reproductive health". You know what that says? " The right to kill her unborn baby". Point blank. So the more I am in this movement, the more I want to scream out they are lying! The abortions will destroy the woman's life and those around her! They are lies from the pit of hell, for nobody beats God. No woman kills her unborn child, takes a life that God has created in her, and then reaps NO CONSEQUENCES. A woman can say all day that her abortion didn't hurt her or change her life, but I bet if you take a good look at her life, you will see otherwise...for denial can be a temporary shield of protection, but it isn't truth....


Beth in NC said...

That is awesome Pam! So many babies THAT WE KNOW have been saved! I pray there are many more!

I'm glad you were able to go back today!


LisaShaw said...

Precious Pam, keep up the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! I'm on this end praying daily for our unborn babies.

I rejoice with you in what you were able to see today with the water being tagged. Mmmm you never know in what ways the Lord is going to move and while he wants people to have water I would dare say not in that ABORTION CLINIC!!!!

Love you and I'm so glad the church is starting a prolife ministry. I'm actually prayerfully considering writing to our pastor because I don't hear anything about the prolife or post abortion healing in that church. While it's a very nice church I think every church needs to address this area. Isn't it important? It's about LIFE. The churches are silent and to our shame.

Love ya.

Jessica said...

WOW Pam.
This is just awesome!
Powerful, powerful words!!