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Planned Parenthood's record - They cleared 1 Billion Dollars according to their 2007-2008 Annual Report

Taken from Jill Stanek's blog
April 9, 2009

Planned Parenthood unfazed by tanking economy: Cleared another $1 billion 07-08

UPDATE, 1:05p: Here's another good chart, received from the same friend. PPFA stands for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Click to enlarge:

pp adoption.jpg

UPDATE, 1p: I heard a good proverb yesterday: "If you want more of something, you subsidize; if you want less, you tax."

Here's an example of the former. I received the following chart from a government friend on PP's funding as it correlates to the number of abortions it commits. Click to enlarge...

pp government funding.jpg

According to its 06-07 annual report, Planned Parenthood cleared $1 billion in income for the 1st time, $1.018 billion to be exact.

According to its 07-08 annual report, the tanking American economy certainly didn't hurt PP. In fact, PP improved its bottom line to $1.038 billion. PP ended the reporting year with $1.014 billion in assets, up by almost 10%. That's pretty good!

PP got 1/3 of its income from we the taxpayers: $350 million, up from $337 million last year. Click to enlarge:

pp annual report 07-08 slide 1.JPG

Abortions were up, too, from 290k last year to 305k this year.

In the next chart we see PP's statistical trickery. PP's report states abortion accounts for only 3% of all its services. But 10% of everyone (including men) who walk into a PP walk out an abortee.

Put another way, as its statistics show, 1 in 4 who get a pregnancy test at PP will abort. It would be interesting to know how many test negative, 1 in 4, 2 in 4? It is possible - likely - that at least half of mothers with positive pregnancy tests at PP abort. Click to enlarge:

pp annual report 07-08 slide 2.JPG has more insights on PP's latest annual report, as does Life Decisions International.

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We have to keep praying and speaking out!! Pam


LisaShaw said...

Yes we have to keep praying and speaking out!

Thy will be done Lord on earth as it is in Heaven!

Pam, thank you for being on the front lines!

Jessica said...

So thankful we stood together today!! I love to thank God first for my fellow sisters (and brothers) there to bring HIM glory and fight the good fight in His name.

love you. ♥