Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keshaun is 8 weeks old! has been a while since I have posted anything. Life has been a whirlwind of changes! Keshaun is now living with me all the time. I have gone back to working full time...and....I bought a most beautiful Condominium for us!! Locked in at the low rate of 4.75 percent, along with the 8000 tax credit! Keshaun and I will be moving soon! Along with the three cats! Jerrica, his mom, is doing absolutely wonderful. She is very busy working, taking care of the other three boys, and doing what is necessary to establish a home for Keshaun later on! I am so proud of her! She doesn't have to worry about Keshaun at all, because Nana is absolutely spoiling him, and there is a long line of others who want to spoil him! Deanna, at has written a book about how the Lord redeemed her life, and her journey from having an abortion to being the mother to six children, four of them adopted! She also went on a tour interviewing mothers, and not long ago came over and interviewed Keshaun and I! It was pretty exciting, and I must say she did a most outstanding job! Deanna is very talented and very passionate about bringing motherhood back to the forefront of our society! I encourage everyone to check out her website and purchase her book! Well, hopefully, I will write again soon before a month goes by! Pam


Beth in NC said...

Wow Pam. I am so proud of you!!!! I know your world has been flipped upside down. Ha. What a blessing about the new condo too!

Bless you dear Pam!



Oh this is so great to see and read all about the baby and his mom and you! I pray for you so often on my prayer list that your life would continue to be redeemed by the Lord = to be used of Him to touch the lives of those in abortion situtations. He truly has redeemed your life and God will continue to bless you and teach you and He will remain faithful to all He has called you to!

Love, Stephanie
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