Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jerrica, Kaleb, and 23 Days!

Counting Down!

Today, Jerrica and I did our LAST minute shopping for Kaleb! 23 days left until he is due, but personally, I don't think she will make it that long! She is doing great, and things are progressing nicely. I ask Jerrica if it would be alright to blog Kaleb's life, and she has given me her blessing. For any of you that don't know, this is Jerrica's fourth child, she is twenty four years old, and her other children are 5, 3, and 1 right now. I met Jerrica when she was four months pregnant and everyone was telling her to abort her child. The Lord had me intercede in her life, and I have never left. We are close to one another, and I am going to take Kaleb when he is a month old, and keep him full time until she can get on her feet. She is doing wonderful, and is getting an apartment in a couple of weeks to establish a home for her family. She may even have a job lined up to start after the baby is born! Because of her prior drug use, Jerrica's grandmother has temporary custody of the children for right now. She has been working hard these past few months, attending mandatory classes and following the rules of DSS to get her children back. I can truly attest to that. She has NO desire to ever do drugs again, and has reestablished a wonderful relationship with her children, who tell her they love her quite a bit! How wonderful that is! I believe the Lord has great plans for her, and my desire is to see her succeed, giving all Glory to God! She will already tell you how much He has helped and changed her!

I feel so honored to be a part of this. There are a lot of things I have tried to do since being saved eight years ago to "help" the Lord, but I can honestly say, this was not me. This is all God. This was a terrible area for me, and something I would have never done six months ago. See, I had three abortions when I was younger, and they really did mess me up, very badly. The worse part was not being able to bond with my children. Abortion doesn't just kill a destroys the mother, and has effects on all of her relationships. Doesn't matter what the pro choice people say. I was pro choice also, and locked down my abortions, saying it was no big deal. They STILL messed up my life. However, I didn't put two and two together until this past January when the Lord opened the door to the truth. Twenty four years I lived in my own private hell wondering what was wrong with me. Why I was the worse mother in the world, why I couldn't feel like most mothers. It was amazing when I started talking to other women who had felt the same way. I can't begin to tell you the work God did on my heart to heal it, and then to set me free. It was through bible studies, going to the abortion clinics to pray, and helping other women, that God healed me. He is good. He is so good I am now taking on a newborn baby!! Can you imagine?? A heart that couldn't love a child very deeply can now take on another woman's baby and love him unconditionally? My friends, that is God! He is awesome! So anyway, now my heart just loves Jerrica, and wants her to do absolutely wonderful, and she is! Because the Lord is going to help her...and us together!! 40 Days for Life will be starting September 23 and I encourage everyone to go out and pray if possible! I also encourage everyone to get involved with someone's life that needs Jesus and some love, there are so many hurting people out there! We need to share the gospel with everyone! Which, by the way....Today, as Jerrica and I were leaving Bojangles, an older Middle Eastern man, smoking a cigar by his car, ask me if we would like to "spend the afternoon with him". I politely said "no", and then something compelled me to turn around and go share the gospel with him. I explained what Jesus did on the cross for us, and how what he was looking for would never fulfill him. Only Jesus would. There was such a sweet spirit present. I guess he never expected someone to respond to his proposition with the gospel! Praise the Lord! God is so Good! He is very, very good!

I also want to thank everyone that has sent gift cards to help out with diapers and formula! It is so greatly appreciated! What a blessing!

Love, Pam


Sandy said...

Wow Pam! This post was better than a Sunday morning sermon! Hearing what God is doing, has done, and will continue to do in and through you is so powerful. I am praising Him right now for your new-found freedom in Christ and the way you are allowing Him to order your steps and heal your heart. Amazing grace!

Pam said...

Hey Sandy! Thanks so much, and you are right, amazing grace. God is so good, and I am constantly amazed at His love. It is exciting to see what He is going to do in Kaleb's life! Love, Pam

Sab said...

That is so sweet and amazing! I am so happy for you and your friend!