Monday, June 1, 2009

taken from Jill Stanek
June 1, 2009
Abortion mill replaces Christ with rubber chicken

women's center chicken.jpgLast April, I wrote about pro-abort shenanigans at the Northern Illinois Woman's Center in Rockford, IL (here and here), where staff hung a lynched rubber chicken in the window, displayed dolls in coffins, dressed like satan, and threatened pro-lifers, all with no notice from MSM.

It appears the noosed chicken turned off many of the mill's African-American clients, so staff recently hung it instead on a cross and also made other aesthetic changes. These came as a result, according to pro-lifer on the scene, Kevin, who also took the following pictures as recently as last Friday:

It seems these pictures were this abortion mill's response to the success of the Rockford 40 Days for Life campaign. We know of 19 moms who chose life, and that upset the abortionist and clinic owner.

WARNING: Blasphemy and graphic language follow...

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taken from Jill Stanek

Please click on 40 Days for Life Button on side bar and get on their email listing. We will begin the fall campaign in September and we need EVERYONE to pray!

This abortion clinic has been doing this for awhile. Pam


Beth in NC said...

That is horrible Pam.

Pam said...

I know Beth, guess 40 Days for Life stirred up the devil! Praise God!!

Sab said...

Not only is this horrible, but incredibly childish (no offense to children). When will people grow up? And if they are 'pro-choice' (as practically every abortionist claims to be), why are they so upset when the women CHOOSE life?

Pam said...

Because the truth is Sab, they are not Pro Choice, but Pro Abortion. You would think by displaying those things it would run off ALL their business. They don't seem to be very caring people do they? Gosh this battle is hard, so many lives destroyed.


Oh Pam...

This just saddens me greatly. When will LIFE be remembered and treated as SACRED again? PRAYER is working - never give up! God calls us to it!

Blessings, Stephanie

Pam said...

You are right Stephanie. We are called to be obedient. The results are up to God. However, it is hard when you know they are portraying us as evil, when we really do care about the babies and the girls.

LisaShaw said...

I have NO WORDS!!!


Satan is already defeated in JESUS NAME!!!

Love you Pam.

Pam said...

Amen Lisa!